Inanç Birol, principal investigator
René Warren, group leader
Lauren Coombe, assistant bioinformatics coordinator
Damini Chand, project manager
Mansi Sharma, project manager
Monica Kotkoff, project manager

Antimicrobial Research

Anat Yanai, research associate
Darcy Sutherland, graduate student (UBC)
Chenkai Li, graduate student (UBC)
Hossein Ebrahimikondori, graduate student (UBC)
Amelia Richter, Directed Studies/Honour’s student (UBC)

Computational Biology

Readman Chiu, production coordinator
Ka Ming Nip, graduate student (UBC)
Saber Hafezqorani, graduate student (UBC)
Theodora Lo, graduate student (UBC)
Cecilia Yang, graduate student (UBC)
Kyle Jenkins, graduate student (UBC)
Irem Yucel, graduate student (UBC)

High Performance Computing

Johnathan Wong, graduate student (UBC)
Amirhossein Afshinfard, graduate student (UBC)
Talha Murathan Goktas, graduate student (UBC)
Parham Kazemi, graduate student (UBC)
Armaghan Sarvar, graduate student (UBC)
Moustafa Shokrof, graduate student


Nila Erturk, summer intern (UofT)
Emily Zhang, student volunteer (UBC)
Vladimir Nikolic, graduate student (UBC) / research programmer
Janet Li, graduate student (UBC)
Nathan Louie, coop student (UBC)
Kristina Gagalova, graduate student (UBC)
Diana Lin, graduate student (UBC)
Chen Yang, graduate student (UBC) / PDF
Puneet Sidhu, coop student (UBC)
Rui Wang, GSAT rotation student (UBC)
Kristina Wright, graduate student (UBC)
Sina Jafarzadeh, (UBC directed study student)
Sambina Islam Aninta, coop student (UBC)
Jacky Yiu, coop student (SFU)
Yaman Malkoc, coop student (UBC)
Yee Fay Lim, graduate student (UBC)
Kyle Jenkins, graduate student (UBC GSAT - rotation)
Maria Stephenson, coop student (UBC)
Justin Chu, graduate student (UBC) / PDF
Figali Taho, graduate student (UBC)
Iris Caglayan, summer intern
Alex Marr, GSAT rotation student (UBC)
Golnar Sheikhshab, graduate student (SFU)
Talha Murathan Goktas, intern (Bilkent University, Turkey)
Hamid Mohamadi, graduate student (UBC) / Research associate
Gokce Dilek, coop student (UBC)
Yaman Malkoc, coop student (UBC)
Jane Lee, volunteer (UBC)
Shaun Jackman, graduate student (UBC) / PDF
Jessica Zhang, coop student (UBC)
Eric Chen, honor’s project student / directed studies student (UBC)
Zhuyi Xue, computational biologist
Sauparna Palchowdhury, research programmer
Lieke Janssen, intern (HAN University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands)
S. Austin Hammond, computational biologist
Ben Vandervalk, computational biologist
Jeffrey Tse, coop student (UBC)
Daniel MacMillan, computational biologist
Emre Erhan, honours project student (UBC)
Jessica Ma, coop student (UBC)
Johnathan Wong, coop student (UBC)
Ewan Gibb, staff scientist
Hamza Khan, graduate student (UBC)
Erdi Kucuk, graduate student (UBC)
Sarah Yeo, honor’s project student / intern / directed studies student (UBC)
Djallel Bouneffouf, postdoctoral fellow
Abdur Rahman M.A. Basher, graduate student
Victoria Stuart, computational biologist
Jessica Pilsworth, graduate student (UBC)
Bahar Behsaz, computational biologist
Jorge Lazo, coop student (UBC)
Yi-Ming Sun, coop student (UVic)
Nathan Nastilli, coop student (SFU)
Alex Purdy, coop student (UVic)
Karthika Raghavan, postdoctoral fellow
Tony Raymond, computational biologist
Albert Lagman, coop student (UBC)
Daniel Paulino, coop student (SFU)
Mimi Ko, coop student (UBC)