Kristina Gagalova

PhD Student in Bioinformatics, (MSc)X2, Biotechnologist

About myself

I am a traveller, explorer and a life curious person. I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary research topics and cross-knowledge collaborations. From 2018, I am also an ECOSCOPE trainee at the UBC and I like to be involved in commercial and enterpreneural activities. In 2020, I was awarded with a MITACS accelerate fellowship for an internship at Willow Biosciences.

My work at Birol’s Lab

My research topic at the Bioinformatics Technology Lab is about comparative genomics and genome annotations. My first project was the comparative analysis of four spruce Giga-genomes, endemic to Canada and North America. I was looking at features of local adaptation and what differentiates each of the genotypes. The second project that I am currently involved with is the genome assembly and annotation of the spruce weevil. I am analyzing its genomics features and its large genome size which is likely driven by repeat expansion.

I am interested in genome assemblies, genome annotation and comparative genomics for large and complex genomes, as spruce and weevil.

For more information, see my website linked to this page!