Amirhossein Afshinfard

PhD Student in Bioinformatics at UBC, (MSc in Computer Science / AI)

About myself

Enthusiastic about Biology and biological mechanisms. Smacking my lips, I am learning more of Machine Learning as a valuable tool for Biological data analysis. Previously, I was involved in algorithms design projects.

Current Focus

During my Master’s, I was working in the area of sequence analysis, and more specifically on the detection of Structural Variants, and alignment of whole genomes. Currently, I am exploring different topics and problems in order to find a specific problem close enough to the rest of the group, but in which we can utilize Machine Learning methods.
Topics that I am exploring comprises subproblems of assembly and annotation, biological data visualization, and capability of applying machine learnign approaches in these areas. For more information about my resume, I invite you to take a look at my linkedin page.


Ph.D., Bioinformatics, University of British Columbia. [currently studying]
M.Sc., Artificial Intelligence, Sharif University of Technology.
BS., Computer Software Eng., Isfahan University of Technology.