ABySS 2.0, Tigmint, ARKS, and Bloom Filters at RECOMB-Seq

RECOMB 2018 will be taking place in Paris, France, from April 21-24th. RECOMB-Seq is one of its four satellite workshops this year, taking place from April 19-20th, bringing together researchers in computational genomics and bioinformatics to discuss new frontiers in gene sequencing.

BTL has four posters at RECOMB-Seq this year:

RECOMB ID #1, SEQ-6, ARKS: chromosome-scale human genome scaffolding with linked read kmers
RECOMB ID #10, SEQ-8, Multi-Index Bloom Filters: A probabilistic data structure for sensitive multi-reference sequence classification with multiple spaced seeds
RECOMB ID #21, SEQ-7, Tigmint: Correct Assembly Errors Using Linked Reads From Large Molecules. See poster.
SEQ-10, ONTig: Contiguating Genome Assembly using Oxford Nanopore Long Reads

Talks: ABySS 2.0 and Tigmint

Shaun Jackman will be presenting a highlight talk on ABySS 2.0 (slides), as well as a talk on Tigmint (slides).
The ABySS 2.0 paper and abstract is available at Genome Research
The Tigmint paper is available on bioRxiv
The ARKS paper is available on bioRxiv